Who makes the best burgers in Brisbane?


Burger aficionados of Brisbane, this is your calling. We’re looking for the most mouthwatering, delicious, delectable, flat-out best burgers in Brisbane. Who makes your favourite meaty delight in our city?

Maybe you reckon one of the newer chains like Grill’d or Urban Burger make the best burgers in Brisbane. They are a little uniform across all of their venues, but that’s not always a bad thing if you reckon they’re the best burgers around.

Or maybe your local takeaway does the best job of slapping together an amazing burger. These guys usually do it old school style, and there’s something to be said for the faithful fish and chip shop burger – but are they the best burgers in Brisbane?

Let’s not forget that many inner city pubs are doing some amazing burgers too – and the only thing better than a burger is a pint to go with it.

There’s a lot of contenders these days, but who do you rate as the best burgers in Brisbane?


  1. Manly west Woolworths shopping centre very small burger shop you have wollies then newsagent then chemist then burger shop on the right of woollies so go and try don’t just take my we want this to prosper it makes the BEST BEST BURGER in Brisbane $7.00 get burger with cheese and egg that my special $7:70 is the works anyway bought there three times and every time the burger was fantastic nothing less so go five it a go they deserve to get a response for doing good I live at Carina and I”m quite happy driving that far for a really good burger a nf I agree the grills burger is ok not good as this burger joint but good they grills that is is just Down the street but I”ll travel to Manly west for the beat just say the on the yellow and blue shirt told us to come here I don’t get a comm I have just a point each time to go and say how good the burger was in my hi via work shirt

  2. I just adore Ju Ju Food at Strathpine. ( 8 lincoln st ) The burgers are fantastic homemade heart smart mince with just herbs and spices. No useless hamburger helper in these babys. With gourmet crinkle cut chips with their own seasoning this place rocks. What makes this place so funny is the shop does not look like your average takeaway. No dodgy odours or food siting in a hot box everything cooked when you order. I was really sus on this place at first, how can this be a takeaway, But I am hooked on the quality and service by the crazy outrageous lady at the front counter.

  3. Lamb Island convenience store serves The best burgers in and around Brisbane. Come and see Tony and Paul and try them for yourselves.

  4. Nothing is better than Just Poppys in Riverhills. 62 burgers on the menu and all of them are A+. Brilliant.

  5. I am a massive burger fan my absolute favourite is Burger Urge, the size is impressive and the taste is awesome. The staff are super friendly too. Grilled also goes the distance but try just do t hit the high notes like burger urge.

  6. Burge Urge in New Farm. Yesterday, today and forever. I find Grill’d burgers dull and ‘sanitised’ – no comparison at all.

  7. Burger urge!! Best burgers in the whole entire world! Sweet potatoe chips and lime mayo soooo good! Amazing staff, vibe, experience! If u have not been there then go!

  8. I love Burger Urge! There’s nothing like it, always fresh and always filling, fair pricing too. Totally underrated, but avoid their vegetarian burgers… the Blue Wagyu is to die for.

  9. Definitely BurgerUrge. While they used to have awful, undercooked chips and declining quality, since they’ve brought in their new menu they are INCREDIBLE.

    After BurgerUrge I’d place Beasty Burger in South Brisbane and Grill’d.

  10. Forget the chains, Grill’d taste like franchise. Burger Urge are an awesome local business. Great burgers, friendly staff. West End’s my favourite, keen to get over and try the new store at UQ

  11. BeanOut cafe at mount gravatt plaza do awesome burgers on turkish bread. And there chips are AMAZING!

  12. I’d say Burger Urge. Grill’d is decent, but if you want true gourmet, it’s Burger Urge all the way.

  13. Grill’d is good, but for sheer portion size and flavour, I’ve found myself returning to Beastie Burger in Southbank.

  14. Burger Urge for sure. They’re at F/Valley, West End and St Lucia! Awesome sweet potato chips too!

  15. Screw Grill’d! It’s Kim’s Take Away on the corner of Ipswich Road & Victoria Terrace. BEST burgers in Brisbane. I love them.

  16. Sangas at Scarborough – sandwhich shop on the beach. Has the most amazing service and burgers, they have everything in them – perfectly and extra special sauce that makes them extra special – yummmmm !

  17. Maria’s Fish and Chips in Aspley for sure. I’ve tried burgers all over Brisbane, and for what you pay($6 for the lot), the burgers at Maria’s are just awesome.

  18. Beastie Burgers IMO are Brisbane’s best but that’s not saying anything. Burgers here are average at best (maybe I’ve been spoiled OS)…. Grill’d is nothing more than consistently average

  19. Purple Gorilla are fantastic. Grill’d are also very good. I’ve heard good things about Burger Urge and intend to try them. I shall add Beasty Burgers to my to-do list.

  20. Beasty Burgers at Southbank are awesome. Great service and the most delicious onion rings ever. Can’t choose a favourite burger but I highly recommend ‘The Bruce’ burger.

  21. Jerry – you are spot on Purple Gorilla is AWESOME and Beasty Burgers at Southbank. I love Burget Urge and I think that people who are putting Grill’d clearly have not right to comment on this.

  22. Purple Gorilla at Wooloongabba. Anyone who says Grill’d has no taste and should just stop eating burgers altogether.

  23. i had a wagyu beef burger at this coffee shop in stones corner, Lady Marmalade that was unbelievable- melted gruyere, toasted soft bun, caramelised onion and chilli jam but unfortunately no chips- didnt need them though

  24. I have to say I’m really happy with Grill’d too. Not only is the food fantastic but the service is always pretty damn good too.


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