Who cooks the best steak in Brisbane?


Time for the carnivores to speak up. Virtually every local pub has a weekly steak night, so you’ve probably had your fair share of decent steaks. Perhaps you’ve had a particularly delicious steak at a restauraunt or steakhouse around town. Where do you rate as Brisbane’s best steak?

It’s a question guaranteed to cause a heated discussion – which restaurant offers the best steak in Brisbane? And what makes the best steak? Size? How it’s cooked? Are you a rib eye fillet or T-bone fan?

When you need your protein fix, do you head for a high-end restaurant or your local  steakhouse?

Let us know who gets your vote for the best steak in Brisbane below.


  1. The Norman, Brekky Creek and Moo Moos are great. Ribs & Rumps is pretty good too. Haven’t tried Cha Cha Cha yet but will have to give it a go. Can’t stand any Hogs Breath, so bland and Jo Jo’s over cooked. Enjoy your steaks people.

  2. You know, I’ve always got good steak from Jo-Jo’s in the city.  It’s not fancy or flash, but I’ve never had a bad steak there and however you ask for it to be cooked, you get it.  Reasonable prices too.

  3. Cha cha char without a doubt.  Best steak in Brisbane, hands down. Great value, fab service, beautiful food.

    On the flip side Avoid Kingsleys like the plague…

  4. I quite like the steaks at the stone grill, jaz bar in toowong. But that might be because you pretty much cook it yourself and they are so loveeeerly and hot when you get them.

    Maybe a little pricey, but I still like ’em.


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