Which pub in Brisbane has the best range of beer on tap?


It’s great to see a growing number of bars in Brisbane starting to specialise in certain types of beer. Even better is the fact that they all seem to be on tap! So whether it’s German beer or beers of Australia, which Brisbane bar has the best range of tap beer?

There’s a few other minor factors, like great pub food, that can also give a pub extra points… but we’re all about the beer in the end.

Whether it’s specialising in Australian ale or Bavarian beer, which Brisbane pub has the best range of beer on tap?


  1. Tipplers tap is good (how they survive without a shopfront I’ll never know!). Scratch bar in Milton is also one for those that appreciate their craft beers.

  2. Tippler’s Tap is cool as, it’s got 11 taps and one’s a hand-pump.
    all craft beer, no crappy beer. the food is great too.

  3. Another new one in Brisbane is the tipplers tap. Outside if brisbane at Yamanto is Alehouse 24. 24 different beers on tap


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