Which fast food food chains do you wish would open restaurants in Brisbane?


Although fast food chains aren’t for everyone, they’re a great option for cheap eats in Brisbane and they do have their fans. For those who are into these cheaper restaurants in Brisbane, which international fast food chains do you wish would open their doors in Australia?

There’s a number of fast food chains in the US which have a passionate following in Australia, so it might actually be pretty easy to franchise businesses like Taco Bell in Brisbane. Hell, even New Zealand has Wendy’s and Denny’s restaurants – where’s the love for Brisbane?

Let us know which fast food chains you’d like to see in Brisbane below.


  1. Yeah some Mexican takeaway would be nice! There are so many Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian take away places. Not really takeaway but when I was in the U.S earlier this year I loved all their bagel shops that had awesome toppings or just with cream cheese mmmmmm.


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