Which closed-down pub, bar or club do you miss most in Brisbane?


As new venues open, many beloved bars and pubs have closed down around Brisbane over recent years.

Which closed-down venue do you find you wistfully miss the most in Brisbane?


  1. The Site (had many a good rave party there too and opposite the Site), The Alarm Club, Lexington Queen, Club Rumours, Transformers, The Beat (when Edwin Morrow, Angus (RIP) and Kesson. Big shout out to Wattee if ya ever come on here. Loved ‘The Site’ Wattee and Strawberry Fields. I miss those days.

    Gone are the days hey, where you used to play and rave. Poppin pills, lots of thrills those were the days. Bass was pumpin, the floor was jumpin, the choons were thumpin. Smiles on the faces as we walked around the place. Pretty girls, fly guys, everyone was as high as the sky. No hate, just love and mates. Those were the days.

  2. There’s so many.

    1. Hogie’s nightclub (Black Box to dance on top of) Sooooooooo loved that place. I was a regular!
    2. City Rowers
    3. Mary Street, (Friday night & Thusday cheap uni night)
    4. Next to City Rowers (a security guard was shot there one night) can’t think of the name
    5. Friday’s

  3. The JOYnt was in my opinion the best pub venue in Brisbane while it was open. Among local and touring musicians it was highly respected as a place where musos were treated well. It seems that underhanded negotiations replaced this great venue with a sub par substitute at the same location under another name. Shame on musicians that did not stand with the wonderful proprietor of the JOYnt.

  4. The old Caxton Sat arv sitting on logs out back with jug and jazz inside. Merv on the door and Adam managing the bar hosing people down with the fire hose. Great days. Also Brothers Union Sun arv and Rosies Tavern.

  5. Her Majesty’s bottom of wintergarden.
    Mary Street niteclub Thursday nights
    The Roxy
    Crash n Burn
    Best clubs of the 90’s

  6. The Old Underground across the road from Suncorp Stadium was the best club in the 80/90’s.
    I miss it and nothing is the same anymore.

  7. Her Majesty’s Tavern in the 90’s & also St Paul’s Tavern. Mary Street wasn’t bad on a Thursday night either. The end of cheap drinks was the death of all these joints.

  8. The National Hotel at 502 Queen St. A magnificent Old Queensland style building, demolished overnight .
    Check the difference here: http://www.yourbrisbanepastandpresent.com/2010/02/national-hotel.html

    Cloudland. AC DC played there; there were springs under the floor. ( Police used to close down gigs there apparently without due process.) Demolished overnight.

    The Alley Bar, within the Milton Bowl. Nothing has been built there since its demolition. Apart from the bar, and the Bowling Alley, there were squash courts and a gym, and adequate free parking. The Rolling Stones once performed in the adjacent Milton Courts area. Ironically, Council asked for suggestions on how the space might be used in the community interest. The whole block has been empty and untended for years now – what a waste!

  9. The old Caxton on Sat arvo with jug and jazz. Rosies and The Wintergarden Tavern. The revolving dance floor – cant remember the name.

  10. Oh gosh, Super Deluxe at The Empire had to have the best DJs. Never again have I found a place to dance to songs you actually really, really like.

    I know it wasn’t a pub or bar, but losing Festival Hall was a travesty,

    Showing my age, but the old St Paul’s Tavern was pretty fun.

  11. The Gabba Hotel.
    I miss that old horrid place. The beer was cheap, the old timers didn’t care we were making a racket out back. sigh.

  12. Custers Last Stand. This is an oldie, but there was an Aussie+American guy who played guitar there, Michael Barber, and he really knew how to engage the audience. So it was always the regular crowd there. Always a great nite!

  13. Her Majesty’s Basement. Without doubt the best heavy metal venue in Brisbane until it was shut down.

  14. Troubadour… I miss the place so much I’m leaving Brisbane to go to Melbourne where places like that are the norm.


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