Which Brisbane suburb doesn’t deserve its dodgy reputation?


We’ve talked about cheap rent in Brisbane, but we really must determine whether cheap is nasty in the rental market. Are the cheap rental suburbs the ones we steer clear of when we can? Is it footage of your suburb that current affairs programs use as the backdrop for their regular ‘worst suburb in Brisbane’ story? Do you stare down at the lunch table in the staff room as your suburb is trashed (again) by your colleagues as they read the crime statistics in Brisbane out of the paper?

Maybe you add ‘Heights’ to your suburb name to take a bit of high ground and deflect the shame? Maybe you give your address as the next suburb? It can’t be all bad!

We have a lot of suburbs and many of them are unfairly listed among Brisbane’s worst suburbs. Come on – be out and proud and tell everyone why your suburb doesn’t deserve it’s reputation in the comments below.


  1. What about Keperra? Some of the best people live there! Close to the city and train, golf course, Samford and the mountains

  2. Geebung – it’s quite a convenient suburb, but lacks some facilities. luckily things are just a suburb away


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