Where’s the hardest place to get a car park in Brisbane?


Sometimes it’s bloody near impossible to find a car park in certain parts of Brisbane. You can drive around for blocks over and over without any luck. Where do you reckon it’s hardest to find a car park in Brisbane?

Certain times of day can also turn otherwise ample car parking areas into a nightmare. And often the rain can turn an otherwise easy car parking journey into something much more difficult. Do you have any tips on how you get around these Brisbane parking headaches?

Here’s your chance to vent. What areas of Brisbane can be simply impossible to find a car park in? How do we fix the problem?


  1. QUT (extremely expensive for poor students!) and Petrie station (backstreets limited to 2 streets and the parking police are all over it).

  2. Southbank!!! I get so aggro in that place lol Also West End … no street parking and also no paid parking available.

  3. It has to be Fortitude Valley. Businesses take note – I will never go there any more because the parking is ridiculous. $18 to park for over an hour to get a Chinese/Vietnamese meal. No thank you. It’s Sunnybank or Darra for me now.

    Actually haven’t been to the Valley for a couple of years because of that.

  4. oh man. after having seen a guy get kicked in the face (yes, the FACE) i have to say the carpark at qut, gardens point.


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