Where is the most epic place you’ve vomited in Brisbane?


vomiting_clownThis was too good a question suggestion not to run. It probably won’t be pretty, but everyone’s got a good Brisbane vom story.

So – where is the most epic place that you or a friend have vomited in this city? Any interesting stories to tell?


  1. Out of a bus window (when they still had windows that opened) in Roma Street onto the bonnet of a brand new green Torana one morning after a big night. Driver looked really surprised.

  2. Didn’t vomit but I shat on steps outside of Union Jacks one Thurs nite as I bendered on. & another occasion I pissed on the bar at Mustang … Good Times!!!

  3. On the front steps of Victoria Park’s function building, while a bride and her party were exiting.

  4. I once had to stop a Taxi I was riding home in from a State of Origin, on the Story Bridge (no mean feat in itself) to vomit…….um, never again…….


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