Where is the best place to buy whiskey in Brisbane?


We’ve come along way since we enjoyed the simple pleasures of a scotch & dry in any pub in Brisbane. 100 Pipers just doesn’t appear on a whiskey tasting menu these days – we’re a discerning bunch now, up to our ears in old whiskey and rare whiskey and single malt. We know our whiskey from our whisky and our Islay malts from our very tasty Japanese ones. We keep little granite cubes in our freezers to chill our whiskey without subjecting it to harsh reality of ice.

Brisbane now has a whiskey tasting bar and it’s about time you shared your secret tips about where to buy whiskey in Brisbane. Don’t get hung up on the whisky or whiskey or scotch ‘thing’ – just tell us the name of that suburban pub or bowls club you know that still has a bottle of single malt on the top shelf of the public bar that sells for genuine 1970’s prices.

Share with the new breed of Brisbane whiskey lovers your best bulk buy or hidden cache in the comments below.


  1. Yeah of course I know a place which is providing whiskey online and the taste of their brand is just awesome you must visit there. The place is known as the whiskylive.

  2. The Gresham in the city without a doubt. They are the experts. Was really impressed with their collection of American Whisky as well.


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