Where is the best beer garden in Brisbane?


Thanks to Kate for today’s question!

Exactly what makes a good beer garden is tricky to define. Maybe it’s simply that the atmosphere is great, or the setting is beautiful.

Perhaps there’s some great live music, or little nooks and crannies you can hide away in.

Maybe you’ve stumbled across that rare breed of beer garden that actually has a bar in the garden.

Everyone’s got their own favourite beer garden in Brisbane – so let everyone else know why your favourite is so good!


  1. If your on the nth side, the Eatons Hill Hotel has a great beer garden. Great for sunday arvo session!

  2. The public service workers club on George st next to treasury hotel….cheapest drinks in the city…shhhh.

  3. The Ship Inn at South Bank has a gorgeous beer garden, overlooking the bourgainvillea covered footpath. Great place to chill out with a group of friends on a sunny summer’s afternoon

  4. Totally second Elephant & Wheelbarrow. Jubilee Hotel is quite rad too. For the capital of QUEENSLAND, we should have more.

  5. Beer gardens people, not pubs with an opening in a roof, or a teensy slab of concrete! That being said, I can’t think of any that truly still have a beer garden!
    Normamby, the RE, Regatta (though that’s more a slab of concrete) the Victory, as already pointed out & the Belgian. Would Love love love to find out about others!!!!


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