Where is the best antique store in Brisbane?


Knowledgeable antique dealers in Brisbane are becoming rarer to find these days. If you have a friend who is an expert all about antiques – half your luck! See if you can help out everyone else who isn’t quite sure where to find antique jewellery dealers and other specialists…

Used furniture outlets aren’t a bad place to start, but they don’t always specialise in decent antiques. If you’re after truly antique decorative furniture, you’ll need to find a dedicated antique store (or at least an antique furniture restoration service in Brisbane).

If you’ve spotted somewhere with great antique tables for sale, let us know! Antique shops in Queensland can wildly vary in quality so let’s see if we can find the best locations together, whether it’s for antique artwork or furniture.


  1. Woolloongabba Antiques Centre (WAC).. great variety, funky little cafe. Not so much about stuffy antiques rather, vintage and quirky finds.

  2. It’s the old theatre, on Latrobe Tce, Paddington. Is that the one?
    – prices usually quite high tho. There must be some SEQ undiscovered ones?!?!???

  3. thanks for your comment limo i found the place and it was great cheers
    any other good places?


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