Where does Brisbane need an extra airport?


If you had the opportunity to add a new, additional airport to Brisbane – where would you locate it?

Any specific areas or locations that it’d be handy to have an airport near?


  1. What and run the new airport as inefficiently as the current Brisbane airport.

    If Brisbane airport management can not run the airport more effectively then get a new management team in with goals and penalties for late departures.

    When you are running efficiently as the best then you’ll get a tick otherwise you are currently on the bottom of the best practice list.

  2. I agree that no new airports are needed. Improving access (via rail/ light rail) to the existing facilities is key.

  3. No new airport just get the architects to look at how Adelaide does it and many other airports around globe that manage the traffic correctly ie drop curbside at the terminal

  4. Gold coast and Sunshine Coast are fine. Rail link make the existing airport work for western users. Any airports closer to Brisbane will slow it down and incur a multitude if noise issues


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