Where does Brisbane need a new train line?



Some areas of Brisbane simply aren’t served that well by public transport. So – where would you place a new train line in Brisbane, and why?

Don’t just think around your neighbourhood – where have you tried to travel to recently that’s been a ridiculous criss-cross of changing ferries and buses, when you could’ve easily jumped on a train?


  1. I think cross river rail is important. We need another bridge near the city for trains to handle future demand and split freight from passenger lines!

    And something down the southeast freeway. Busways are a bandaid fix.

    Redcliffe for sure needs one, decades ago. It would breath new life into the place and development would spark again.

  2. The gap needs it, the bus system here is slow and poor possibly a link from keppera to the gap or even underground through to Bardon then the gap

  3. @ Trent and Jasmine. The Kippa Ring line is still going ahead despite the change of government in Queensland. The line will branch off at Petrie and stations on the new Kippa-Ring line will be at Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Mango Hill, Kinsellas Road, Rothwell and terminate at Kippa-Ring.

    The station at Mango Hill is planned to be off Halpine Drive near Halpine Lake not too far from North Lakes Shopping Centre.

    The link below shows a map of the route of the new Kippa-Ring line.


  4. I think Northlakes deserves a train line. It is a big area, has a shopping centre which is getting extended and as a suburb its population is expanding! Trains are needed.

  5. Agree with David Langley, bring back the trams! I know you’ve seen me banging on about this before but they NEVER should have been shut down.

    @Fly72 and Nuff76, Good news is, preliminary works for the construction of the Redcliffe line has started and due for completion in 2016 . The terminus will be at Kippa-Ring. As far as I know this project is still going ahead. Please check out following link:

    Hoping too that the extension of the Springfield line continues.

  6. Forget train lines they need to put back the tram lines and force some cars out of the CBD, Valley, West End…..
    Light Rail all the way baby !

  7. There needs to be a station (or light rail) at the University of Queensland St Lucia campus. UQ is the second biggest destination of daily traffic aside from the CBD, but doesn’t have it’s own train station.

    Though the park road station hub redevelopment + quick bus across the green bridge has improved things a lot to be honest.

  8. I’d love a little track extension into the Paddington area – or at least more bus routes through this area, Red Hill, and Milton. The 375/385 is absolutely hopeless.

  9. Loop Lines! Something most modern cities have. It’s impossible to get anywhere in Brisbane without going in to the city first.


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