Where does Brisbane need a new bridge or tunnel?


car-tunnelThe city is becoming more and more choked with traffic… and sometimes you find yourself thinking, “if only there was a tunnel here!”

Do you have any ideas on where the city could do with some tunnels and bridges to get around a bit easier? Which locations?


  1. Get rid of the idea of light rail. THAT is an antiqued system. Dont they want to get rid of the tram system in Melbourne? They got rid of them in Brisbane for good reason. The light rail in the Gold Coast will be ok, because it is a tourist area, and tourists DONT have cars. The demographic in Brisbane is that of working class, they are always going to travel in cars, or there own personal vehicles. Unless people, LOTS of people genuinly start talking about wanting to use a tram/light rail system, than it will be a waste of money. Brisbane will need to change their whole attitude of transport. They need to start using the mass transit structure that is in place now.

  2. Brisbane needs to add more bridges. There are only 10 bridges in Brisbane. Look at a city like Pittsburgh, US of A.It has roughly the same metropolitan size, and has 446 bridges!!!! Its city center sits on a V shape just like Brisbane. It has been voted the most livable city in the US of A in 2011. There needs to be MORE bridges!!!!!

    Brisbane city centre must have nearly 1 million people in it. It has 4 bridges in which to get people across. Pittsburgh has 8 bridges in which to get cars across the river in the city centre.

    I reckon another bridge connecting Edward St with Sharlston Ave, and expand Wynnum Rd. That would connect to he east effectively. Put some more bridges across some o the other suburbs.

  3. Agree with Ruby Tuesday. Bring back tram system improve public transport. A new RAIL rather than road tunnel would be a good idea, We only have the one rail connection across the Brisbane River near around the CBD. We already have plenty of road tunnels that are barely used!!

  4. End of Racecourse Rd, Hamilton across to Bulimba. And Double stack Kingsford Smith Drive – inbound 4 lanes on top, outbound 4 lanes on bottom.

  5. No more thanks, there are too many already. Instead, bring in free public transport and we won’t need them.


    Antiquated, useless and not infrastructure for the future.
    Money better spent on sustainable transportation. A tram system. Buses that don’t run on oil. Etc.

  7. No more tunnels or bridges! Far too many already. Instead, way better idea to make public transport free so people use this instead of driving.

  8. Funny that all of the suggested bridges and tunnels are already planned including the circular rail. It will link west end southbank GABBA, valley, city, spring hill.

  9. It would be nice if there was a pedestrian tunnel between Teneriffe and Bulimba so we don’t have to wait for the cross river fairy.

  10. My top two:

    1. More Kurilpa style green bridges (they’re cheap), a second at the end of Sylvan Rd, Toowong, across to west end, and a third from west end to St Lucia.

    2. The corridor reserved for the kenmore bypass should be used for busway or light rail instead, with an inbound buslane added to the western freeway.

  11. Chapel Hill/Kenmore/Brookfield need something other then Moggill road. The peak hour traffic is getting worse!

  12. A bridge connecting the West End/Highgate Hill area to St Lucia/Toowong. Anywhere between the Regatta and Guyatt Park would be good!

  13. I thought it was walter taylor bridge, but yes it is pretty bad, although i’m not sure a tunnel is the right answer… and I thought the answer to fixing Kingsford smith was the airport tunnel link??? How widening the outer suburbs roads i.e. ipswich and gateway motorways for those who are stuck on them for 3 hours a day!
    P.S. congestion tax is not a good idea when there is not enough public transport for everyone to use as an alternative!

  14. I am against any more tunnels!

    What happened to the idea of a light rail system??? Not that there is really any space left to build such a network thanks to the prevelant lack of town planning around this great city since the 70’s.

    I have to agree that something needs to be done about the William Taylor bridge.

    Why can’t we have a circular system like they do in many larger cities, re-direct the traffic away from the CBD and support the building of smaller centres around the outskirts of Brisbane. The government is currently looking at expanding Mt Gravatt, Chermside, and Moggill as larger hubs, thats great but how do we travell to them when at the moment our only option is a few buses?

    Love your work Brisbanism

  15. Gah! No more tunnels!!

    If there is a spare few billion dollars to spend, how about using to retool our transport infrastructure rather than sinking into ‘solutions’ that have already been shown to fail. We add more public transport (esp in the outer suburbs) at the same time as bringing in congestion charges.

  16. A tunnel linking Indooroopilly to the Western Suburbs, as the William Taylor bridge is only one lane each way often has delays of up to an hour to get over it.


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