Where are the safest suburbs in Brisbane?


Living in Brisbane is awesome – we can all agree on that. Let’s help out those folks who are new to town and searching out the best suburbs in Brisbane.

The best place to live in Brisbane is always up for debate, but it’s easier to agree on the safest suburbs in Brisbane. Choosing the best suburb to live in Brisbane isn’t hard as we have so many awesome areas of the city, but the crime rates can vary.

What do you think are Brisbane’s best suburbs in terms of safety? Is the safest suburb in Brisbane close to the city, or are we better off in the outer suburbs?

Nominate your safe, good suburbs of Brisbane below.


  1. Tarragindi is good. Did you need to use the illustration of a handgun? I find this very negative for a survey on safest suburbs. Are you an American who equates hand guns with safety – the chance of being shot anywhere in Brisbane is very low – mugging, robbery and sexual assault are relatively rare but can potentially happen anywhere so if walking alone at night it is best to stay in residential streets where your cries for help can be heard if anything does happen.


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