Where are the best suburbs for cheap rent in Brisbane?


With the state of real estate in Brisbane, many of us don’t really have an option but to stick to renting instead of buying a property. Today we’re looking to hunt down suburbs where you can find a cheap rental in Brisbane, but still live in a pretty great area.

If you’ve been looking at rental properties in Brisbane recently, what were your experiences with Brisbane apartments for rent? Perhaps you saw a whole bunch of houses for rent in Brisbane suburbs which remained affordable, but still had loads of great facilities in the area.

Not all of us can afford to rent in Brisbane city (and not everyone wants to either!) Share your suggestions for a Brisbane rental property location that’s both affordable and in a great area below.


  1. I’ve been looking at Sherwood, Corinda area 2 bed unit about $280-315 week. Most have an a/c, good size bedrooms and great courtyards. Very basic units as I’m a single mum but I would live in them. One 2 bed house in oxley was $260 it was horrible, mould on ceilings, dirty bathroom, toilet outside.


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