Where are the best spots for fishing in Brisbane?


When you’re in the mood to throw in a line, where’s the best spot for fishing in Brisbane?

If you love seafood, there’s nothing quite like eating something you’ve caught yourself and there are loads of great places to fish in and around Brisbane.

So, for you fisher-folk out there, are you a bay angler or do you prefer the river? Do you have a boat or do you prefer to fish from a pontoon or jetty? Some people will only fish on the beach or rocks, others prefer the quieter surrounds on a riverbank. Which is your environment of choice when it comes to fishing in Brisbane?

And what do you catch at your favourite spot? What type of fish are you angling for? Do you catch and release or is it all about what you can put in your freezer?

So, for those of us who don’t know where to start, where should we go for fishing in Brisbane?


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