Where are the best cinemas in Brisbane?


The lights go down. You’ve got your giant popcorn and your choc-top ice-cream ready to go. The movie’s about to start…

Where do you go for this experience?

Where’s the best cinema in Brisbane? Is it a Birch Carroll and Coyle? Is it one of the smaller, retro movie cinemas in Brisbane?

And what makes the best cinema? Convenience to home, modern facilities, Gold Class, or is the venue itself – how you feel when you walk inside and your senses are overwhelmed with the smell of freshly cooked popcorn?

Visitors love the Southbank Cinemas in Brisbane – as do plenty of locals. But with cinemas scattered all over our city, there’s plenty of room for other favourites.

So where do you go to see movies in Brisbane?


  1. Either of the two Palace Cinemas venues – Palace Barracks on Petrie Tce, and Palace Centro on James St . I have frequented these cinemas for the past five years, and they have never failed to impress with their atmosphere, service, and quality. The wine list is extensive, the coffees are strong, and the snack selection is indulgent. Although tickets are pricey, these cinemas are often the only ones within Brisbane city to show a wide range of international and arthouse films, as well as screenings of productions from the National Theatre, the Met Opera, the Bolshoi Ballet, etc. That fact alone is worth the cost of admission. Being a Palace Movie Club member pays off, too. Furthermore, I’ve found that the clientele are all like-minded cinephiles that are refreshingly quiet and respectful while films are in session. I have also worked within the cinemas briefly as a volunteer with the Brisbane International Film Festival, and although there were minor mishaps with films rolling a little earlier than scheduled, due to the fact that everything runs digitally and without a projectionist in control, these issues were all swiftly resolved. Best of all, they’re both located in lively areas with reasonable parking space availability and a host of gorgeous eateries.

  2. I loved Rosalie’s Blue Room for gold class experience with a nicer vibe.

    I can’t go past the nostalgia of Indooroopilly’s Eldorado cinema’s which was always a holiday outing growing up.


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