What’s your favourite Brisbane childhood memory?


There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little nostalgia. What’s your favourite childhood memory of Brisbane?

Many things have changed in this city over the years, so which buildings, attractions and memories do you hold dear? What’s changed since then?

Share your answers and see who can surprise us with some forgotten memories of Brisbane.


  1. The end of the back yard dunny. Fishing for eels and turtles in local creek, climbing mulberry trees and mum making pies, billy cart races, climbing on the dozers when the freeway was bing built, 10c chips from the local shop, riding on trams :-)

  2. Having lived here for most of my life there are so many things. Showing my age here but my all time faves though have to be the smell of Jasmine in the still cool early spring, the bright lights surrounding the the exterior of Cloudland, that I always saw from a distance (but never ever visted), the sounds of steam trains working in the early morning at Roma Street goods yards, riding on the trams, the Redcomb Rooster and Tristam’s Soft Drinks! Those who are old enough will know what I’m talking about and that I’m NOT on drugs! :-D

  3. Topps! I wish they didn’t take it away to replace it with a cinema, so boring! It made Brisbane unique.. bring back the pirate ship and dragon coaster!

  4. Mum would take me into the mall every christmas and we’d go to the myer centre and look at the lights and christmas decorations.

  5. I came to the Commonwealth Games in 1982 as a very small schoolchild.  It was the first time I can remember coming to Brisbane, and we came with school, so it was exciting to do something without my parents.  I still remember my awe at seeing the massive Matilda kangaroo that turned and winked.

  6. Riding bikes and trikes down the car park at Meteorology House in Spring Hill – we used to live at the house behind it and it was a great play area for city kids. Now it’s all high-fenced


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