What would happen in Grand Theft Auto: Brisbane?


Imagine if a new version of Grand Theft Auto was released, and our city was the star… what exactly would happen in the game?

What crimes would you commit, and what missions would you have to complete?

What locations would it include? Where would the most challenging stretches of road be… and what would make it particularly Brisbane-centric?

We’ve got bridges, tunnels, one-way streets, cliffs and esplanades: plenty of places to challenge gamers behind the wheel. What route would you suggest to take drivers past some of our icons?

There’s also the matter of the storyline of the game – what type of Brisbane resident would you play? What sorts of missions do you think you’d have to complete?

Share your ideas for Grand Theft Auto: Brisbane in the comments below.


  1. While riding your motorcycle, you’d get stopped by the police at a service station, where all of a sudden, 8 cops would turn up in 3 squad cars & then claim that they’re being threatened because your holding a video camera.

  2. Map for Grand Theft Auto Brisbane will be Logan and it will be longest game in history cause you never finish it.

  3. You’d probably be caught in a nasty traffic snarl, possibly crossing a bridge. Eventually, after limping along the road ways – you’d wind up in Ipswich … as all roads, eventually lead to Ipswich. The mission would be getting out of Ipswich without GPS as there are so many roadworks, GPS is rendered obsolete.

  4. They’re much more likely to do a GTA Australia, rather than GTA:Brisbane. Put bits of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Alice springs together into a sort of Australian monster hybrid.

    I think it would be wonderful to be honest! There was a great hoax a while back about GTA:Sydney. Set in the early 90s, and filled with Australian Gangsters ( ala Two Hands ). You can just tell it would be full of bad voiceactors though.

    Brisbane specifically though ? I’d like to steal a citycat and go for a cruise down the brisbane river.

  5. Mission list:
    pick up a package of drugs from the valley trainstation
    Sell package of drugs under the stephans needle
    find and beatup a ped at southbank
    be the first to throw up a tag in the clem7
    get into a gangfight at darra station

    it writes itself really…

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Brisbane doesn’t really have a car-theif issue, so the game would be strangely lonely. The player would probably be the only villian around, and get caught by the police almost immediately. Maybe in Sydney. Or, I guess, at a stretch, Logan. Actually, Grand Theft Auto: Logan would be pretty funny.
    Kate, New Farm.


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