What will you always stand in a queue for in Brisbane?


I remember going to London when I was younger and realising that we Brisbane-ites queued backwards for the bus. The Londoner queues facing the oncoming buses, whereas your typical Brisbane bus queue has it’s collective back to the oncoming bus. Funny, eh?

Apart from the Ladies bathroom in any public space in the City, are there things you would or wouldn’t queue for? We don’t really have to queue all night for tickets to concerts any more. Medicare has the ‘free-form’, take a number and sit in the lounge queue. There’s that dumpling shop in the Valley that gave it’s queue a cute name and, of course, there’s the fruity computer company that seems to be able to conjure up a queue at the drop of an app!

Really, from a marketing perspective, there’s nothing like a queue to drum up interest, though from a Ladies Loo perspective, there’s nothing like a queue raise your blood pressure!

But are there things in Brisbane that you think are worth queuing for? Stand up and join the comment queue below to let us know what you think is worth it.



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