What tips would you have for anyone opening a café or restaurant in Brisbane?


Brisbane’s foodie scene has never been livelier, with a plethora of new funky, edgy and stylish venues opening their doors in the past year.

So what tips would you give to anyone opening a café or restaurant in Brisbane?

Of course they need to have great food, great service and prices that reflect the quality of the cuisine and the experience on offer. But what else is important in Brisbane?

Is it having indoor and outdoor options to make the most of (or protecting us from) the climate? Is it making sure the menu options suit the season? Would you make recommendations about opening hours?

What are the most important things for you when you dine out, and what could a new café owner/restaurateur do to keep you happy?


  1. Tea is the new coffee. Offer something more interesting than Chai, Peppermint, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. There are over 3000 different teas around the world to choose from!

  2. Near a park. The mummies will love you and if you ate going to charge for a babychino make it worth it: ie frecklchino, princesschino etc


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