What should people who are new to Brisbane do first?


If you could give one piece of advice to people who have just arrived to live in Brisbane, what would it be? There’s a lot to learn about things to do and places in Brisbane, so let’s share some good old fashioned local’s advice for new residents.

Whether it’s shopping in Brisbane or simply places to visit in Brisbane that give you a good idea of what the city’s all about, what would you recommend? There’s probably also a lot of common questions people have about public transport and getting around the city when they first move here, too.

Share your suggested information on Brisbane for brand new residents in the comments below.


  1. It says “new residents” not tourists. I’d say find out who your local MP is and look at their recent decisions, then participate in DEMOCRACY. Council likewise. Help shape a real vision.

  2. People who visit Brisbane should do a tour of North Stradbroke Island as it is totally untouched and natural.
    You can be catered for all day by Barefoot Dave on his City to Straddie 4WD Eco Tour.
    This is a must do tour.

  3. I agree; go card, ferry to bulimba for lunch, ferry back to powerhouse for a show, taxi to tipplers tap for a craft beer & naughty dinner!

  4. Go card, and then ride the city cat the full length of the trip, then grab the council-run citysights bus to see the city.


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