What is your favourite geeky thing to do in Brisbane?


There was a time when you had to hide any interest you had that wasn’t hooked in to the latest fad. But geeks are cool these days, right? So it’s okay to admit to those geeky things to do in Brisbane which you love so much.

What are your favourites? Bingo at your local club? Pub trivia? Hanging out at the library? Endlessly riding the City Cat?

What makes it geeky, and why do you love it? Do your friends give you a hard time about it? (Not that it matters – you’re a geek! You love your geeky thing enough to bear the ridicule.)

So, tell us your geeky things to do in Brisbane – and where the best places are to do them.


  1. I’m a big fan of PUb trivia at the Belmont on a monday and ST Pauls Tavern on a tuesday.. Get my geek on!

  2. Spending the day in Brisbane’s cultural precinct – Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery & GOMA.

  3. Taking photos of everything and I mean EVERYTHING with my iphone. Then spending a solid evening editing them and sticking them on Instagram.

  4. Definitely State Library. Even if I bring my own book I just love the ambience. And always feel 10 x more intelligent!


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