What is the funniest or worst thing you’ve seen on Brisbane public transport?


We’ve all got one of those Brisbane public transport stories… it’s the crazy folk or the funny situations that make your daily commute interesting.

Maybe you saw someone trying desperately to get away without paying for a ticket, perhaps it was the most obnoxious bunch of teenagers you’ve ever seen… perhaps it was something so funny, you had to be there to believe it.

Perhaps you’ve got one of those famous embarrassing drunk person on Brisbane public transport stories… maybe you were that embarrassing drunk person on Brisbane public transport.

What is your funniest or worst Brisbane public transport story?


  1. the train driver on the caboolture line that gave a running commentary the whole way. he made up some history of the railway stations (which was AMAZINGLY FUNNY), and then told us why he became a driver and when we reached caboolture he sung the “goodbye, goodbye good friends goodbye” song from bear in the big blue house. best and most hilarious trip i have ever been on!!! the guy was a crack up.

  2. We pulled away and stopped at the lights in the city and a lady rushed up and banged on the door yelling that she wasn’t late and that he’d pulled away early. He shook his head and said he couldn’t legally allow her on at that point so she stood in front of the bus. The police were called and escorted her away.


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