What is the best part of your Brisbane commute to work?

Everyone travels into work by different methods of transport – car, train, bus, cycling or walking. That’s not even considering the different times of day and night everyone starts their jobs.
But no matter how you make your way to work, there’s always a highlight. Maybe it’s a favourite cafe or shop, a funny or favourite sight you see regularly, or simply a really pleasant part of the journey.
What’s the best part of your commute to work?


  1. The landscape changing from cows in pasture, bushland around the creek, to urban bike lanes and then screaming down the city side of spring hill through the peak hour traffic to come to a skidding stop at my favorite watering hole in the shade. All in a morning’s fixie commute.

  2. Getting in a good 30 mins reading on the City Cat and always having a seat TO work at least, and if not on the way home, it will empty out about half

  3. The walk from New Farm to the City along the cliff tops next to the river, the view is a great way to start the day (and a great way to de-work at the end of the day).

  4. Best thing for me is jumping a CityCycle and gliding past all the traffic. Even better is I never have to worry if someone has pinched my bike while at work.

  5. I’m also a big fan of living/working locally. I like that I only have to drive 3 minutes down the road, or walk to 20 or so. :) There’s nothing like waking up at 7.30, having a lazy shower and coffee before getting to work nice and early. It’s a very refreshing way to start the day and live life.

  6. Grabbing my coffee at Cool Beans & Baguettes in Brisbane Square on my way in. Gus the Brazillian Barista and Tattooed Kat are lovely and they make fantastic coffee.


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