What is the best gig you’ve ever seen in Brisbane?


There have been some amazing concerts in Brisbane over the years, but which one is the best?

It might be a stadium rock show or an intimate gig in a smaller venue. It could be a superstar act (P!nk, Foo Fighters) or an up-and-coming band that simply blew you away (an early Powderfinger gig).

Maybe it’s the concert you got dragged along to and then couldn’t believe how amazing it was. Or maybe it was the act you’d waited years to see live in your home town.

No matter how many shows you’ve seen, there’s always a small handful that stand out above all others.


  1. Deniz Tek at the Beetle Bar in 2012 and 2013 plus Grinderman at the Tivoli plus any Robert Forster show at the Powerhouse.

  2. I’ve just been to about 7 in the past three or four months and they were all amazing but I’d have to say Coldplay at Suncorp Stadium. Holy wow. Runners up are Weezer at the Entertainment Centre and Gotye at the Riverstage. Incredible shows.

  3. Saw some great gigs at Festival Hall: Radiohead, Massive Attack, Coldplay… but it’s hard to top Muse at the River Stage.

  4. The Red Paintings’ ‘Grinch who Stole Christmas’ show in 2007. It was epic! I’m sure there are lots of videos on Youtube if you want to see what I mean :)

  5. Kath: Best Australian band I ever saw was Skunkhour, about 15 years ago.

    Not sure if you saw – they’re just about to perform a reunion tour.

  6. Difficult to choose. Every time I’ve seen the Beastie Boys here, they’ve been bloody amazing. Best Australian band I ever saw was Skunkhour, about 15 years ago. Elvis Costello’s gig a few years back was incredible (his most recent one was pretty good too). Gigs seem to have changed these days. Festivals are all about flag waving, Southern Cross tattooed bogans being obnoxious, and there is no really good gritty location any more like Festival Hall – I saw some bloody amazing gigs there over the years.


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