What is the most weird or awesome street in Brisbane?


We’ve all been down them – a quirky street unique to Brisbane. Which ones are your favourites in Brisbane?

It could be the houses, the gardens, the street art or the people. Something that makes it offbeat or just completely awesome.

Maybe it’s right in the city or tucked away in an outer suburb. Or it could be that there’s some bizarre architecture or local feature which makes the street curious or completely amazing.

Perhaps there’s even some history to the street, a local Brisbane legend, or some memories you have of the area. Maybe it’s just a really stupid name for a street!

So tell us: what Brisbane street do you think fits this bill, and why?


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  6. Has to be ZigZag Street what other Australian Author has named a book after a street way to go Nick Earls love his books

  7. Turin St, West End because behind it’s serene facade it’s bursting with old Greek charm and tradition.

  8. I always wanted to live at number 69, Whynot St.

    Austral is an adjective.

    I like clusters of streets with name themes. Like the actors in Mitchelton, the constellations in Oxley, the British Prime Ministers in Indooroopilly, the birds in Forest Lake, the trees in Surfer’s Paradise.

    Upalong Rd.

    Silly name placement: Bellevue Pde / Bellevue Tce in Taringa. Barton Rd / Barton St in Hawthorne.

    Try tracing out South Pine Rd! Why does the Name Swann Rd turn right?

    How many different names does a road need? Kelvin Grove / Enoggera / South Pine / Sicklefield / Shand / Appleby / Maundrell.

  9. Cairns Terrace, Red Hill. The upper part ends in a dead end and a staircase to the lower end. You can’t get from one end to the other with a big detour around the block. Brisbane’s best city views from the top. Awesome when there’s a full moon.

  10. I love that little side street at kangaroo point that comes out under the cliffs with the really steep hill that everyone uses to avoid vulture/stanley street mess on their way to southbank/west end.

    I second WhyNot St in West End too … I’ve photographed that sign a heap of times, luv that name.

  11. Spook Hill (Boundary Road) in Toowong Cemetery – It pulls cars UP it without any explanation – except maybe optical illusions or giant underground magents.


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