What do you miss most in Brisbane CBD?


Remember when Brisbane had amazing historic buildings that were loved and frequented by locals?

No? Then you were probably born (or moved here) after 1982. Because by 1982, some of Brisbane’s most iconic buildings were gone – flattened by the government of the day as a cost-saving measure.

Two of our most famous demolished buildings in Brisbane – the Bellevue Hotel and Cloudland Ballroom – still spark passionate discussion and are likely to head the list for this poll.

The stunning Bellevue Hotel was the first to go in 1979 (it used to be on the corner of Alice and George Streets). It was famous for its filigree cast-iron work on its wide verandas and in its day was the place to stay for wealthy travellers.

Cloudland in Brisbane was even more controversial when it joined the list of Brisbane demolition projects. A generation of Brisbanites mourned the loss of the city’s favourite dance hall, with its iconic chandeliers, domed skylights and rich decorative detail.

Sure, we’ve still got the cathedrals and Customs House, and the Treasury buildings retain some of their former glory, but there’s still a big gap when it comes to Brisbane heritage buildings.

What do you miss most from the CBD? What other icons are gone that you wish were still here?


  1. Treasury Row, specialty stores and the cafe down the lane. Now it’s a construction site s for as-seen-everywhere office tower.

  2. I miss the grassy version of King George Square – have not used it since it become an add on to the concrete jungle! I also miss the old Myer Centre rollercoaster!! Can’t wait for the alleyway live music to start. We need more of an arts culture all of the time :)

  3. The original Shingle Inn.

    I’ve heard that someone might be restoring it back to it’s original glory.
    If so.. Brilliant!!


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