What do Brisbane residents love to complain about?


complaining-personWe all love a good whinge now and then, but there’s some things residents of this city just love to complain about.

Perhaps you’re sick of hearing about something, or maybe you’ve just noticed a lot of people whining about something in particular lately.


  1. I am hearing a lot of complaints lately that QLD does not support daylight savings, a lot of Brisbanites and satelite city residents would enjoy the extra daylight hours after work.

  2. The heat. Because the heat in Brisbane is FILTHY. I love this city, but the heat nearly kills me every year. I think I might do six months in San Francisco every year.

  3. Public transport… Brisbanites LOVE to winge about public transport! Complaints vary but often come down to it taking more time, money & effort than other ways of getting around.

    Lots of people want to get public transport, but don’t – they their confidence is detroyed when they try and it costs them (in time, money or energy). In addition, at this time of the year, waiting in the summer heat for a bus or train that is really late (or never shows) can be very disheartening!

    Check out the twitter hashtag #bnept for more evidence: http://twitter.com/search?q=%23bnept


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