What is your favourite store that only exists in Brisbane?


“Where can I go in Brisbane to shop?”, we keep hearing tourists ask. While we’re sneakily directing them over to the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane residents know there’s plenty of unique boutiques and other stores which you just can’t find outside of our city. So what are your favourites?

Shopping in Brisbane becomes a lot more fun when you’re buying from local retailers who hand-pick their merchandise or create it themselves. Whether it’s clothing, food, homewares or something else, there’s plenty of places in Brisbane to shop that you can’t find anywhere else in Australia.

So when it comes to shopping in Brisbane CBD or the inner suburbs, what are your favourite stores which can’t be found anywhere but Brisbane?


  1. One little shop that’s captured my attention since we’ve been adding a few little touches to our home is Perfect Living, in Oxford St Bulimba down near the river. Fantastic range of Homewares and French Proinvial furniture. Coffee’s great, too!


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