Where are the most picturesque cemeteries in Brisbane?


Although cemeteries are normally a place associated with sadness and loss, there are also some hauntingly beautiful graveyards around the city which can be quite peaceful to visit. They seem to be particularly popular with photographers looking to create some artful shots, but they can also be quiet and soothing to simply talk a walk around.

Can you think of any cemeteries in Brisbane which have a particularly pretty view or are notable for some other particular feature?

Share your nomination below.


  1. I personally love taking photos at cemeteries. Not because I’m an angst ridden emo/goth, but simply because I think the older ones are beautiful in their stillness. My favourite is the Nundah Cemetery. It’s small, but very quirky and overgrown. Never seen anyone else there. Dutton Park is also lovely in a green sprawling way (my uncle is also buried here, which helps with my fondness towards it). Nice river views. Toowong .. yeh. Once you’ve been once or twice, not that interesting (great view of the city from up the top though). Nudgee, not my fave. If you like taking headstone pics etc, yes, but otherwise, doesn’t have much ‘personality’.

    … re-reading all that, sounds a little creepy dissecting cemeteries in regards to which is my ‘favourite’ lol >_>


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