What are your favourite Brisbane food trends at the moment?


Brisbane food, we love you! Brisbane’s food and wine scene is second to none, and we’re constantly witnessing all sorts of new dining trends around town. What are your favourite food trends which are growing over the past year or two?

Interestingly, Sydney’s best restaurants usually aren’t the place to latch onto new dining trends. You’re more likely to find these emerging around mobile food vans, a cool and understated cafe in Brisbane, or a more casual eatery just outside of the CBD.

Perhaps you’ve been keeping up with a lot of food blogs in Brisbane and have noticed a few trends there too…

What are your favourite dining trends happening in Brisbane right now?


  1. I’ve discovered these great italian biscotti mixes called Kitchen Angel. Stumbled across them by accident and now I’m addicted. I used to buy online but they are now being sold at the coffee shop Locale at Newstead, which has also become my favourite coffee haunt. Locale also bakes their own biscuits using the kitchen angel baking mixes and they are TO DIE FOR.

  2. Nothing new about this but most people I know would eat out for breakfast at least twice a week which is I believe something that some places have realized while others are missing their share of a very lucrative market. $25-$30 a head for coffee and breakfast quick and easy turnover, just learn how to cook eggs and fluffy pan cakes.


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