Where are the best shops for vintage clothing in Brisbane?


Everything old is new again. That’s never been truer in Brisbane than right now, when retro and vintage styles are hugely popular. And when it comes to vintage clothing in Brisbane, there have never been more retailing options.

Where are your favourite stores for vintage clothing in Brisbane? Paddington and West End are usually the first suburbs that spring to mind when you talk vintage, but we know there are gems hidden across Brisbane, some in the most unexpected places.

For the uninitiated, ‘vintage’ is any of those funky and stylish fashions from previous eras that still look great. Wearing them gives you instant fashion cred.

Whether you’re after a 60s style mini-dress, frayed denim jacket or tartan pants, you can only get genuine vintage articles secondhand. So where do you buy yours? Do you have a favourite trendy vintage store or do you go to more traditional secondhand shops?

Where do you find your vintage clothing in Brisbane?



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