Where is the best restaurant for fine dining in Brisbane?


Today, we’re looking for the best of fine dining restaurants, Brisbane. You may know of some of the most expensive restaurants in Brisbane, but which are the ones which are actually worth spending money on?

Think back to the last time you spent a little bit more on dinner in Brisbane than usual. Would you rate that restaurant as some of the best fine dining in Brisbane?

Everything from vegetarian to Chinese is being made available as fine dining in Brisbane, too. Have you come across any slightly more unusual menus at upper class restaurants in Brisbane which you’re happy to pay a little bit extra for?

Let us know in the comments – where  is the best venue for fine dining in Brisbane and a wine selection that’s a touch above the rest?


  1. Used to be Buffalo Club, at this point I can only assume Esquire has replaced it (I’m going there in November).
    Aria is pretty great too.

  2. Delugo on Southbank. I hope I spell this right. Great contemporary Italian dining, Just love to go there.

  3. Esquire. Brisbane has never had a restaurant like this before. Truly top notch. Yes, it is pricey but the food is exquisite – awesome flavour combinations, beautifully presented. The sommelier really knows wine and matches it perfectly with the food. The service is great.


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