What are your favourite pop up stores in Brisbane?


There’s so many new stores opening in Brisbane, we can barely keep track. Thanks to pop up stores, this is now becoming an even more challenging task than ever!

Clothing and shoe stores and shops in Brisbane have been shaken up in particular. There’s so many canny independent designers in Brisbane around who are waking up to the fact that pop-up stores are incredibly effective, and boy do they generate buzz online!

We’ve even spotted a number of interesting pop-up cafes and eateries as well – usually seasonal and with deliciously fresh produce.

What are some examples of really great pop up stores in Brisbane that you’ve seen around recently?


  1. Hi,
    We’ve got a couple of stores in Sydney, opening a pop up in Melbourne for four weeks and we are thinking about opening a shop in Brusbane but wanted to do a pop up store there for a couple of weeks first before going into the shop process, just to make sure that we would do well in brisbane first!
    Can anyone give me some advices about pop ups in Brisbane? Does anyone know where they take place and if any Westfield accepts pop ups? Any idea who I could contact to find out?
    Any info would b great.
    Estelle [email protected]


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