Where are the best places to meet other Kiwis in Brisbane?


There’s lots of Kiwis in Brisbane – we’re quickly becoming one of the most popular cities to relocate to, for many New Zealanders. Our sunny climate and career choices compared to New Zealand make us a very attractive choice. However, sometimes you want to hang out with some locals from your home country – so where do you recommend as the best places to meet other Kiwis in Brisbane?

If you’re working in Australia from New Zealand, perhaps you’ve already worked out the best places to meet up in Brisbane with other Kiwis. When it comes to rugby league in Brisbane, are there local clubs or events where you can always find a bunch of Kiwis? Perhaps you know of a few bars with a good selection of Kiwi beer on tap – always a sign that it’s probably a local hangout for New Zealanders.

Nominate where you think are the best place to meet other Kiwis in Brisbane below.


  1. Shows how ignorant you are Matt. Kiwi’s (post 2001) are not able to access the Unemployment benefit here.
    Meanwhile, this Kiwi will keep earning her triple figures, in the hope her substantial tax will assist in educating your idiot (if genetics are in play) offspring.

  2. There’s a group called kea Brisbane it’s a great way to meet fellow kiwis in Brisbane. They hold monthly events in Brisbane

  3. There’s a great selection if Kiwi beers and ciders at TONIC espresso + bar in Hynes St in the valley. A sign the owners might be kiwis


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