Where are the best live music venues in Brisbane?


The live music scene in Brisbane has never been better – and we’re not talking about the proliferation of dodgy cover bands floating around town, either. A quick scan over the Scene gig guide reveals a healthy and flourishing live music scene, so where are your favourite places to see live bands in Brisbane?

Let’s not forget the venues which are home to larger Brisbane music concerts, either – they can often be just as exciting and great as the smaller music venues around the city.

Where do you rate as your favourite venues to see a concert in Brisbane these days?


  1. Crowbar! The ONLY venue of a decent size in Brusbane that caters to all things rock, punk and heavy metal. 5 Dogs Hotdogs pop up stand inside as well. Great PA, a real venue for real music fans.

  2. The New York, The National, Cloudland, The Alley Bar, Custers, The Bombshelter, Festival Hall etc etc etc. A quick scan over any gig guide from the 80’s will tell you what has happened. In many of the remaining venues, there are pokies where bands once stood. Let’s not kid ourselves. There is not even an award wage for musicians any more. Do a comparison of average fees for musicians in the 80’s to now.


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