Where is the best high tea in Brisbane?


It seems like most Brisbane hotels up the expensive end of the scale offer a high tea afternoon these days. So today, we’re looking for the best high teas and afternoon teas in Brisbane hotels. Where can you recommend and why are they so good?

High tea at the finer hotels in town is an old tradition, and let’s face it, they’re a great place to take your nan out for an afternoon. There’s also a few boutique tea houses popping up aroudn town – have you tried high tea at any of these venues?

Share your nomination for the best high tea in Brisbane below.


  1. Plaza Theatre Café inside Paddington Antique Centre does a divine High Tea! Beautiful setting, stunning presentation and spectacular service accompany the mouth watering menu.

  2. Willow Tea Room Mr Gravatt. Run by a down to Earth Women named Julie who treats each booking with the same respect no matter if u are only booking for 3 or 20. Oh and the food is good too.


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