Who are the best guitar teachers in Brisbane?


Do you want to learn guitar in Brisbane? With a city that has so many famous bands, you’re in the right place! You’ll probably find a lot of well known musos in local guitar teacher listings, but maybe others can recommend someone who they know are great.

When you start learning guitar, you’ll need to work out what you specifically want to learn. Do you need an electric guitar tutor, a jazz guitar teacher or someone who holds electric guitar classes? Maybe you’re one of those rockstars who wants  lead guitar lessons… although we’ve always thought that playing bass guitar is the coolest part of being in a band.

If you know of a teacher that’s great in teaching playing guitar for beginners in Brisbane, share your recommendation below.


  1. Yes, I agree with Jackie.
    Alyson Locke at the Rock Box in Manly West is a fantastic guitar teacher (electric, classical, acoustic and bass). Just amazing with her students and her skills as a musician and a teacher are outstanding.
    She also teaches drums.

  2. Music Boutique run by Ben & Bec Keen in Manly area teach guitar. My son learns piano with them & enjoys lessons.
    Also Alyson Locke’s business The Rock Box in Manly West if you want to learn guitar through rock music.


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