Where is the best Greek restaurant in Brisbane?


Greek food in Brisbane has been slowly growing in popularity – but where are the top restaurants in Brisbane when it comes to Greek dining?

What is Greek cuisine, anyway? Most people probably recognise it in the form of the humble and delicious souvlaki. You’ll also find plenty of herbs, bread, wine and various meats at a typical Greek restaurant, of course. See, it’s not just for drunken nights out when you’re ready to inahale a giant pile of meat in a kebab…

So where do you rate as the best Brisbane Greek taverns and restaurants, and why are they so great?


  1. Char Char Grill, I work Security at The Rumpus Room next door and just the aroma coming from Char Char is intoxicating. Char Char has the best greek food I have ever have and the staff are great, they make you feel welcomed and part of an large greek family.


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