Where are the best gluten free restaurants in Brisbane?


Gluten free dining doesn’t need to be boring! There’s plenty of great restaurants around Brisbane which know how to make delicious meals, while keeping them wheat free. If you have a gluten intolerance, which Brisbane restaurants and cafes do you recommend as the best?

We’re not just looking for restaurants with gluten free eating options, either. There’s plenty of cafes with great celaic-friendly dining, and at least one bakery that’s gluten free! If you know of places that bake delicious gluten free pastry and muffins, share them below!

Let us know your favourite gluten free restaurants around Brisbane in the comments.


  1. Cafe De Siam!!! http://cafedesiam.com.au/

    They not only have amazing food for a steal of a price, they are incredibly accommodating to intolerances- particularly gluten. They take extra special care and it’s never a bother for them. Often a restaurant will offer gluten free options but you can tell you’re a bit of a hassle to them- cafe de siam definitely not! Even if you’re not so keen on sugar in your meals, they will happily make it without. Highly recommend!


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