Where is the best English food shop in Brisbane?


Are you an expat Brit missing the flavours of home, or have you acquired a taste for British food in your travels? If so, what is your favourite English food shop in Brisbane?

Where do you go for your fig rolls, toffee crisps, Yorkie bars, chutneys, or mushy peas in a can? If you love these products, you know nothing compares to the real thing.

Birkdale in Brisbane’s bayside is often touted as ‘Little Britain’ with its collection of English food shops, including a popular British grocery store (next to a traditional fish and chippie). But is it the best?

We’ve heard about specialist British stores – and other businesses and eateries stocking British and English food – in Windsor, Redcliffe, Loganholme and Wynnum.

Which of these are worth visiting? Are there any others? Which English food shops in Brisbane should expat British locals go to for a taste of home?

Whether you buy British products because you’re homesick, nostalgic, or just love the flavours, tell us your favourite British food store in Brisbane – and why it’s earned that honour.


  1. Not really a food shop, actually a chocolate shop – it’s in a train carriage in Samford Village (called Platform 30) – They do sell a range of English lollies, like Sherbert Lemons and Flying Saucers, as well as some fantastic hand made chocolates (not English, but what the heck, it’s chocolate ;)


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