Where are the best venues for stand up comedy in Brisbane?


Stand up comedy in Brisbane is usually a pretty reliable way to have a great night out with mates. It seems that some comedy clubs do a better job of getting a great line-up than others, though. Which comedy clubs have you found to be great for stand up comedy in Brisbane?

Maybe you’ve found a comedy club which reliably presents a roster of Australia’s best comedians. Or perhaps you know of a comedy club which does a great job of picking out great up-and-coming local comedians, who will be the future stars of stand up comedy in Brisbane.

Let us know – where do you rate as the best comedy club for stand up comedy in Brisbane? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. methinks the stakeholders of popular comedy have hijacked this page. all the comments sound like a fricken infomercial.

  2. I still never visit there. Please tell me about your next event. I will definitely visit there next time.

  3. I have to say I like going to Newmarket when I have a spare Monday night. I find the Paddo too distracting with all the wall decorations and Albion which I have been to a few times seems to book the same people who are all “cists” as I like to call them – racist, sexist or gayist (homophobes), plus they have a terrible PA system that makes it really hard to hear or see the action from the tables that I have been seated at. Livewired at the Powerhouse is quite good but unless you get a seat on the platform it’s hard to feel really engaged in the show, I haven’t been to Popular Comedy yet but will go check it out. Who are your favourite local comics? Mine is Sulli from triple M and that Melanie who is on triple J sometimes.

  4. Lots of laughs…and a great night out at popular comedy at st Pauls tavern on a Thursday night.

  5. Popular comedy at St Paul’s have been some of my best comedy nights , the meals where cheap but not nasty , very tasty in fact as tasty as the comedy … Laughter is the best medicine they say , so my fav prescription pick up place is POPular comedy !!!

  6. Until POPular COMedy opened the room at St Pauls i had never seen stand up comedy b4 and now i look forward to my thursday nite out. Definately becoming the high light of my week, im always guarenteed a nite of gr8 food and many laughs. So come on down and check it out, u will surely leave laughing.

  7. POPular COMedy….. is POPULAR!! You too can enjoy a night with some very funny comedians while feeling a part of the friendly atmosphere!!! At St Pauls (Dinner and Show is $20! Groups of 10 are only $70). The support that POPular COMedy is receiving from well know comedians is pretty cool and the OPEN MICS are also given a great opportunity to strut their stuff, with a view of being booked again down the track. Check them out for a side-splitting experience!! Go to http://www.popularentertainment.com.au for details.

  8. I have been to a few comedy nights in recent months – and whilst the comedians were funny on the night at Albion – the more intimate atmosphere at Popular Comedy at St Pauls is definately a winner for me… For $10 I left sore from laughing – affordable priced drinks and quality meals – with the best names in comedy headlining and the chance to see some new upcoming comics who in no time (one day) will be headlining themselves. I reccomend Popular Comedy to all… and what a great place to have a hens night or Birthday Celebration.

  9. I love the new comedy room run by POPular Comedy at St Paul Tavern, Springhill. It only $10 to get in and they have a great line up thats changes each week. Thursday is becoming my favorite funny day of the week.

  10. POPular COMedy runs a couple of rooms in Brisbane – but the Main ones at the moment are ST PAULS @ SPRING HILL… and HALLEQUIN JACK at Sofitel (above Central Station)

    These rooms are really set up fabulously for comedy… and the most the cost is $10… and you get a drink as part of your ticket… They’ve had heaps of great comedians including Dave Thornton who I saw on the Melbourne comedy Festival Gala on Channel 10… SO they are top notch…

    And if I have a choice between two great shows… I’ll pick the CHeaper one.. Wouldn’t you?

  11. I have been to most comedy venues around town and all the comedians are really funny but my favourite place is Sit Down Comedy Club at the Paddo. It has great food and they always get the famous cOmediens from tv


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