Where is the best Brisbane store to fix iPhone water damage or replacing an iPhone screen?


Aaaargh, did you just spill some water on your iPhone screen? Completely smash your phone on the ground and need an iPhone screen replacement?

Today we’re looking for tips on the best iPhone Fixit stores in Brisbane. These are the slightly unofficial stores for arranging repairs to iPhone – they can fix iPhone water damage in a flash, or sort out an iPhone screen fix. Which mobile phone store or mobile phone repair business in Brisbane can you personally recommend, and why were they great?

Let the rest of us know where to go for iPhone repairs in Brisbane in the comments.


  1. i agree with Jacob – Fone King Carindale is AMAZING! will never go anywhere else again. Im not sure of the guys name but he had dark hair and he fixed my battery issue on the spot in like 5 minutes! absolute whiz and awesome customer service.

  2. The guy in chermside, it’s not a store it’s one of the concession stands in the middle, I think it’s outside Harris scarf, takes him 10 minutes to replace an iPhone screen, dynamite


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