Who makes the best Bloody Mary in Brisbane?


Tomato juice and vodka! For some, the Bloody Mary is the perfect brunch cocktail or a refreshing start to the night. For others, it’s the best hang-over cure… and it’s delicious! But who do you rate as making the best Bloody Mary in Brisbane?

Either way, there’s an art form to getting that right mix of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt and pepper. Do you like yours with or without celery garnish? Or does a splash of extra hot sauce make it the best Bloody Mary in Brisbane?

The Bloody Mary is a stable on any drinks list in bars across Brisbane, but who do you think makes the best? (If you can remember drinking them while hungover, anyway.) Let us know who you rate as the best Bloody Mary in Brisbane in the comments below.


  1. Our select group of miscreants take credit for getting Bloody Marys on the breakfast menu at the Story Bridge Hotel. Not sure how things have changed over the last few years but they did a terrific job.

  2. This is a good poll. What i want to know is who makes the best oyster shots, which are closely related. The place i liked in portside has gone:(


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