Which is the best bank to bank with in Brisbane if you hate queues?


If you’re asking “which is the best bank to bank with?” – there’s a pretty important part of the equation to consider. Waiting in queues!

Some banks in Brisbane are notorious for making you wait in line for ages when you need to visit a branch. There’s nothing worse than being in a rush and having to wait up to half an hour just to get served by a bank teller!

Even though some smaller banks in Brisbane have great bank rates, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like they’re the best banks to bank with when the customer service is so bad.

So, which credit union or bank chain can you recommend as having quick queue times and decent customer service in Brisbane?


  1. I bank with Bankmecu on the corner of George and Adelaide Streets. I have never even seen a queue there and everyone knows me by name (even though I only go in once a month or so). Totally different experience to when I was with the Commonwealth (long queues, faceless, grumpy tellers!).


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