If the TV series “24” was set in Brisbane, what would the plot be?


HEY! It could happen if they get low enough ratings and need to run a special series in Australia! Baywatch did it, and that was ALL class.

So what’s the Brisbane-based disaster that Jack Bauer and the CTU crew would avert – or fail to avert?


  1. A terrorist plot to attack the Wivenhoe Dam wall, following the end of a cyclonic season which has filled it to the brim. Unless their demands are met the terrorists will detonate charges placed on the damn wall unleashing a torrent of water to flood the Brisbane CBD and wash away thousands of rich people’s boats. Jack Bauer who has recently been brought up from Sydney to become Chief of Staff and Head of Security for Premier John-Paul Langbroek, pushes aside his mountain of media releases to thwart the terrorists.


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