If Brisbane was a person, what would they be like?


Let’s say that Brisbane became a person through some magical power. Exactly what would that person be like?

Where would they hang out and go to dinner? What are their friends like? What is their lifestyle like? What does Brisbane do for a job? Geez, does Brisbane have a job?

Leave your thoughts on what Brisbane would be like as a real live person in the comments…


  1. I had a similar conversation with friends when I was in Australia: If Australia was a family, which family member would be each city.

    The eldest child. Responsible, but cool. Knows how to party, occasionally lets it hair down, but generally stays with the boundaries. Knows the latest fashions and music but keeps it mainstream. Most likely to grow up and get a sensible job in an office and suit.

    The middle-kid. The black sheep. A bit off-the-wall, arty, fashionable but certainly not mainstream. A bit left field. Culturally political. A bit of a rebel and non-conformist.

    The younger sibling at the early teen years. Copies off its elder siblings, has been know to go into their bedrooms to ‘borrow’ music and porn mags. Developing its own tastes and style, but still lives in the shadow of Sydney and Melbourne. .


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