What are your ideas for new Brisbane sister cities?


Brisbane has seven sister cities, but it may surprise you to know that these are all located in Oceania, Asia and the Middle East. Perhaps it’s time to add a few cities to the list from Europe, Africa, North America or South America. Where do you think would be great candidates for new Brisbane sister cities?

In our opinion, you’d want to partner up with someone who typifies the Brisbane lifestyle – somewhere along a river, with a casual easygoing lifestyle and a warm climate. Have you been to any cities in your travels which sound like these – especially if they’re in the areas listed above where Brisbane doesn’t have a sister city yet?

Some of the most well-known Brisbane sister cities are Auckland, Abu Dhabi and Kobe in Japan. What are your ideas for new Brisbane sister cities to add alongside this list? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Arequipa in Peru. It doesn’t have a river but its heaps sick – heaps of chilled out people and a growing cafe and bar scene – much like bvegas.


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